About Uplifting Australia

Uplifting Australia’s mission is to strengthen the emotional wellbeing and resilience of children and families across Australia.

We achieve this through our Lift Off! programs:

  • Ready > Steady > Go
  • Family Connect
  • Teacher Traning
  • Family HangOut
  • Parent Talks

Our programs bring children and parents together to learn strategies for increasing the parent-child connection and establishing healthy emotional patterns that set children up for life and learning.


“Uplifting Australia’s programs provide evidence-based strategies that will enhance your relationship with your children, build their resilience and prepare them for dealing with life’s challenges”

Peter Chown BSC Psych (Hons) MAPS
Consultant, NSW Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health,
Honorary Consultant – Department of Adolescent Medicine at Westmead Children’s Hospital,
Specialist Consultant in adolescent health to the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNFPA & World Population Foundation

Our programs are:


  • We focus on avoiding problems occurring in teenage years and later life, rather than fixing chronic problems once they occur.

Evidence based

  • Aligned with the NSW Department Of Education’s ‘Wellbeing Framework’;
  • Have been independently evaluated and proven to improve the lives of children and families;
  • Campout with Kids has been reviewed by KidsMatter and is included in the KidsMatter programs guide.

Fun and accessible to everyone

All families benefit from our programs, which are fun, rewarding and easy to take part in for kids and parents alike.

Our School Wellbeing Teacher Training is:

  • Accredited by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority, formerly BOSTES)




Uplifting Australia aims to prevent the emotional abuse of children. We achieve this through implementing a prevention model. Our model educates families through our evidence based programs and resources that take a strengths based approach. Uplifting Australia actively promotes healthy emotional environments and practices in families. Our work has a direct impact on the wellbeing of children.

Uplifting Australia’s definition of emotional abuse comes from the Australian Institute of Family Studies:

Emotional maltreatment [or emotional abuse] refers to a parent or caregiver’s inappropriate verbal or symbolic acts toward a child and/or a pattern of failure over time to provide a child with adequate non-physical nurture and emotional availability. Such acts of commission or omission have a high probability of damaging a child’s self-esteem or social competence.

AIFS, Child Abuse Factsheet.

Strategic Direction to 2025

Find out more about our strategy to 2025 in our Strategic Direction document.

Strategic Approach

Uplifting Australia engages in collaborative partnerships with like-minded schools, organisations and community groups that are strategically aligned with our mission to “improve the emotional wellbeing and resilience of children and families across Australia”.

We deliver our mission by:

Aim Outcome

Strengthening children and families who attend life education programs together

Build resilience and wellbeing in children & families

Empowering parents with skills and knowledge

Strengthen the emotional environment for children and families

Preparing children for a healthy transition to adolescence

Prevent the decline in wellbeing experienced by teenagers as per the RMIT wellbeing index

Training and licensing organisations and schools

Maximise social impact