family connect

Welcome to Family Connect.

We are so happy you have joined us. We believe that families who talk and listen together are stronger families, so with Family Connect we provide families with the tools to talk and listen to each other in a significant way that will help you to:

  • Build social and emotional health in your family

  • Connect and have meaningful conversations

  • Empower children by giving them a voice in your family

  • Develop mutual accountability

Family Connect is made up of four conversations, which introduce the four key skills of:

How do you do it?

Family Connect is best done as a conversation circle with the whole family. However, you can also have the conversations one on one, or in smaller family groupings, in any setting e.g. around the dinner table, in the car or over the phone.

Hold a Family Connect Conversation Circle using these 6 easy steps:

  1. Sit together in a circle with everyone in the family.
  2. Turn off all phones (it only takes 15 – 45 minutes).
  3. Get quiet and ready to listen e.g. take 3 deep breathes.
  4. Have your conversation using the 3 Golden Rules and the provided Conversation Starters.
  5. Take turns talking using a talking ‘stick’ to show whose turn it is to talk.
  6. Thank each other for the conversation.

Use the 3 Golden Rules whether you do it as a circle or as a one on one chat:

  1. Everyone has a turn to speak & only one person speaks at a time.So if it’s not your turn to talk or you are not holding the talking stick you will just be listening. Which means not interrupting.
  2. When I am talking: I just share my own story and focus on how it makes me feel. I don’t use it as an opportunity to dump on, be mean about or blame others.
  3. When I am listening: It’s best not to get angry or upset at what others say otherwise they might not feel safe to share in the future.

To download the 6 steps and 3 Golden rules, Click here.

So, are you ready to have your first Family Connect Conversation?

listening skills

1. Start with a ‘Listening Conversation’Download the instruction sheet here.

appreciation skills

2. Next in line is an ‘Appreciation conversation?Download the instruction sheet here.

emotional skills

3. It’s time to try an ‘Emotions conversation’Download the instruction sheet here.


responsibility skills

4. The final skill is a ‘Self Responsibility conversation’Download the instruction sheet here.



By having these conversations you will facilitate greater connection, care and accountability in your family, which will keep improving if you continue having Family Connect conversations over the years.

“The appreciation challenge has really brought our family together. Everyone is much happier and shinier. It’s like a light has been turned on.”

Parent, Family Connect
“‘The kids want to keep doing it.”

Parent, Family Connect

“Having this opportunity for everybody in the family to talk about their feelings has been very empowering. It has been just as important for the adults in our family as the children. I think we all have greater compassion for each other.”

Parent, Family Connect

“The self responsibility challenge has been the hardest and yet most rewarding challenge so far. Instead of having to pick up my children for bad behaviour, they are starting to name their challenging behaviour themselves and so are we.”

Parent, Family Connect

“Family Connect has brought our family together in a meaningful and fun way. Everyone is being much kinder to each other.”

Parent, Family Connect
“My child was not very serious in the beginning but as we started with some interesting answers we got right into it. We all had a great time doing it.”

Parent, Family Connect
“Yes we did it! It is a good opportunity to get to know each other. After a long time the four of us sat together and talked. We would like to do it every week.”

Parent, Family Connect
“I found it very informative to hear about not just the good things in my family day but also hear about what might be not so good.”

Parent, Family Connect
“It’s a great idea to spend some good quality bonding time with the family.”

Parent, Family Connect
“We all love being listened to. We should have this more often.”

Parent, Family Connect
“It was a fun activity. Shall do it again and try to involve more of the family.”

Parent, Family Connect
“This is very nice so we get to know if anyone is annoyed or mad or sad about anything, this allows us to help the person and make their week better.”

Parent, Family Connect
“It was great fun. We did it successfully. It is a challenge of patience also, because we have to listen calmly. In the first round we didn’t remember what was the best thing happen in the last week, but slowly, slowly we came on track and we laughed, enjoyed and shared our emotions. Thanks.”

Parent, Family Connect
“I really love the Family Connect circle.”

Parent, Family Connect
“This helped us bond a little better and we started doing this more often.”

Parent, Family Connect