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Uplifting Australia believes that families who talk and listen together are stronger families, so we’ve developed Family Connect to provide families with the tools to talk and listen to each other in a significant way that:

  • Gives families a system to builds social and emotional health
  • Connects them as a family through having meaningful conversations
  • Empowers the children by giving them a voice in the family
  • Strengthens families through developing mutual accountability

Family Connect is made up of four conversations, which introduce the four key competencies of:


By developing these skills, you strengthen your family and set your children up for success and good mental health.

Best done as a conversation circle with the whole family, each conversation introduces new techniques and habits that build the family’s capacity in that area. You can also have the conversations one on one, or in smaller family groupings, in any setting e.g. around the dinner table, in the car or over the phone pic.
We provide you with a set of postcards that provide simple instructions for having Family Connect Conversations in your family. >>>





Card 1 – is an introduction which outlines the 6steps and the 3 Golden Rules for holding a conversation.

Cards 2 to 5 – provide you with conversation starters and tips for having your :
2. Listening Conversation
3. Appreciation Conversation
4. Emotional Conversation
5. Self Responsibility Conversation.

By using the postcards you will facilitate greater connectedness, care and accountability in your family, which can only be improved if you continue having Family Connect conversations over the years.

Go to our Parent Resources page to access the set of Family Connect postcards. You can download them and print them off.

What parents say about Family Connect…

“Our family enjoyed it.”

Parent, Family Connect
“‘The kids want to keep doing it.”

Parent, Family Connect
“My child was not very serious in the beginning but as we started with some interesting answers we got right into it. We all had a great time doing it.”

Parent, Family Connect
“Yes we did it! It is a good opportunity to get to know each other. After a long time the four of us sat together and talked. We would like to do it every week.”

Parent, Family Connect
“I found it very informative to hear about not just the good things in my family day but also hear about what might be not so good.”

Parent, Family Connect
“It’s a great idea to spend some good quality bonding time with the family.”

Parent, Family Connect
“We all love being listened to. We should have this more often.”

Parent, Family Connect
“It was a fun activity. Shall do it again and try to involve more of the family.”

Parent, Family Connect
“This is very nice so we get to know if anyone is annoyed or mad or sad about anything, this allows us to help the person and make their week better.”

Parent, Family Connect
“It was great fun. We did it successfully. It is a challenge of patience also, because we have to listen calmly. In the first round we didn’t remember what was the best thing happen in the last week, but slowly, slowly we came on track and we laughed, enjoyed and shared our emotions. Thanks.”

Parent, Family Connect
“I really love the Family Connect circle.”

Parent, Family Connect
“This helped us bond a little better and we started doing this more often.”

Parent, Family Connect