All face-to-face, school-based programs are on hold due to COVID-19 and are under strategic review.

Lift Off! Teacher Training is a 7-hour NESA accredited training, for teachers at or working towards Proficient level endorsement.

It is an engaging, dynamic and experiential one-day program which will provide teachers with:

  • an understanding of how the Lift Off! program meets the social and emotional needs of children
  • the skills, knowledge and resources to deliver the Lift Off! Program
  • the Lift Off! strategies and techniques to apply in the classroom

Our teacher training covers…

The Uplifting Australia story including:

  • Mission and objectives
  • Evidence base
  • Evaluation outcomes and results

An overview of Lift Off! including:

  • The manual
  • The programs

The Lift Off! approach covering:

  • Modelling positive relationship skills
  • Facilitating rather than teaching
  • Honouring the wisdom of parents
  • Focussing on strengths

Modelling of Lift Off! activities including:

  • Welcome circle and games
  • Parenting strategies sessions
  • Story circles
  • Parent-child connection activities
  • Ream challenges
  • Making a talking stick
  • Family Connect circles

Implementing Lift Off! in your school including:

  • The role of Lift Off! in the school
  • School responsibilities
  • Resources

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Teachers at Parramatta West Public School

What teachers say…

“A practical, positive and logical program, which was delivered in an engaging and practical way.”

~ Peter Falla, Principal, Mount George Public School
“Thank you for your passion, love and knowledge in supporting parents, students and teachers. I believe in this program and to have run CampOut with Kids and HangOut with Kids over the past two years, prior to you coming, I can see the positive change it has made to our community. Love your work!”

~ Sarah Mortimore, Assistant Principal, Ocean Shores Public School
“This training is wonderful! Arising from a genuine intention aimed at improving family relationships and wellbeing, the program forges a link between home and school, teachers and parents that can only be positive.”

Teera Palmer, Teacher and Director K-6, Cape Byron Steiner School
“I wanted to say how grateful I am that I was part of the Teacher Training. I had an amazing time. I felt as though every activity gave me confidence…and a chance to reflect on what I do in my own teaching…thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of something so inspiring and life changing. I will always remember it”

Educator, Victoria

Teachers at Uki and Bilambil Public Schools.